The 'Hypno Bit...?'

Hypnosis is something that is used when taking someone into a state of trance. We naturally go into states of trance everyday, a few examples of this is when we’re day dreaming or when we are just drifting off to sleep.

Pregnant woman's belly

When people think of hypnosis, some think about what they may have seen on tv or on stage. People acting out of character and doing things that give the perception that they are acting out of control. When a person is willing to take part in a hypnotic show they are already telling themselves they will be asked to do silly things, so are happy to go along with the fun. If they were asked to do something they didn’t agree with or it went against their moral beliefs, they would simply not do it.

During The Wise Hippo courses we use hypnosis in two different ways:

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Pregnancy

First of all we look to use hypnosis to change any negative or fearful expectations of birth into positive ones. When we are in a state of trance our conscious brain (the analytical part), becomes side tracked and we are more open to suggestions. Our focus is to use this to encourage only positive suggestions of birth. Building confidence that birth, with out any special circumstances, can be a positive experience in which a woman is feeling calm, relaxed and in control. In turn the birth partner will feel the same.

The second way we use hypnosis is to help women learn simple yet effective techniques that ensure they are able to remain emotionally as well as physically relaxed during labour. Which in turn allows their body to work at its best. This will also ensure that they are able to remain calm and in control throughout their labour no matter what path their birthing takes.

Everything that is taught on The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is based on physiological and medical fact and is how the mind is already working. We are taking what the mind is doing and looking at it from an alternative perspective. Ensuring you use your mind in the best possible way to support a more positive birth experience.

Your body knows how to birth, you just need the confidence and support to understand this.